Off the Record


He doesn’t look that much different to me than he did a year ago. Or two years ago. Or three years ago, to be honest.


Listen dude. Nah, not going to start like that. I’ll get there probably, but not yet. The gender fence? No no, stop it, not yet. I love Infinite Jest. It’s one of the few novels that in my adult life I’ve read twice. (I used to read novels several times in a row as a…


Alex got diagnosed with autism today. Finally. It’s not like we didn’t know, but no one was saying it.


And so I had to backtrack and consider whether I had in fact missed my own point.


It is now three years later and I’m still trying to escape this nightly prison.


Dear Kaiser Permanente:Late last week, I received an email from the Kaiser speech pathologist I was referred to for my son. She was writing to inform me that Kaiser had made the decision not to cover Alex’s speech therapy because it was “not medically necessary.” She said she had noticed more referrals being denied for…


The world was singing to him well before any sort of language faculties would’ve begun to develop.


I don’t like birds. I find them excessively gross. The feathers, the strange reptile feet. Abominations, all of them.


I accomplished exactly one of these goals. Got the MFA. Kind of went the other way on the rest of it.


This is, in a nutshell, how we feel about rich people in America.


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