Trigger Warning

This is just to say, soon I will have a post up from a guest contributor who sits on the opposite side of the fence from me on the issue of gun control. I just wanted to let y’all know ahead of time that I’m not going to let the issue fade away, and that I’ve found someone who has the patience to explain their point of view to me as best they can, and that they’ve agreed to let me post that explanation here, in the same forum, on the same platform that I use to espouse the other side on the regular. I hope that isn’t lost on you, that I’m not asking them to respond on their own platform, to which I could link, pay lip service to, from which I could selectively quote and rebut as my own argument sees fit. Certain issues need to be treated like this, with equal opportunity given to the litigators of both/all sides, issues that we can’t seem to solve as a society. This is one of those. We can’t solve it.

Maybe we never will solve it, either, but right now we’re not even addressing it. We’re sticking to our factions, our talking points, refusing to cede ground, refusing empathy, instead pointing fingers, assigning blame. My friend feels the same as I do in this regard, that we aren’t listening to each other with any degree of sincerity, and we have to, we must, if we’re to take any action at all. 

I know that one unknown writer’s personal blog is not exactly on par with a Middle East peace summit, or the front page of the New York Times. But idea generation has to start somewhere, and that’s what this needs, is some new ideas, and I believe my friend has some, and I have some too, and so we’re going to talk it out and see what comes of it. I’m not sure when, but hopefully soon. This, again, is just to say that I know some of my friends have recently been personally affected by gun violence, and if you aren’t ready for this discussion, I understand completely.

The rest of you better fucking listen up.

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